Suchamen is the main continent of Artha, known to the Islanders as simply the Mainland. Suchamen is not only a vast continent, but the name of the city that occupies it as well. This city stretches across the land from north to south, east to west. In the middle of Suchamen lies a mountain reef which is surrounded by farmlands. One should not picture this as a rural scene; instead these are well organized and ordered farms who differ little to none from each other, and to the unknown eye they appear more like factories than anything else. The mountain reef holds little wildlife, and is frequently patrolled by city guards.

All the rest of Suchamen is one big city from coastline to coastline. There are no forests nor other naturaly formed areas and everything in sight is obviously manmade. Most houses are mediocre; not full of luxury but not shabby either. The only areas that stand out are those that contain government buildings, which seem a bit more grand than the average houses. The whole structure of the city is devided in rows and columns, and there are no crooked turns or crossings to be found anywhere. Even parks are arranged this way, clearly showing the law and order that rules in this gigantic city.

This law abiding society structure reflects through the behaviour of the denizens as well. Littering and polluting is in some cases even punishable by death, and one shall never hear a Suchamen citizen swear or yell out in anger. Thievery, violence and murder are practically non-existent, at least as far as the general populace is aware of. And no one would ever dare to talk badly about their government, but the people seem not to refrain from this out of fear; they genuinly believe they are living in a perfect society.

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