The Spirit of Fire



Holocaust hides himself in layers of scorched fabric and an old army helmet he found during the siege of Capital of Umbral. The burn-marks he got from trying to achieve his purity are not his shame, but he prefers then hidden until he has achieved his final goal. Although the clothing he wears was at one time probably colourful and interesting, by now it is mostly soothed and burned. His stubborn quest for achieving his purity makes him care less for his appearance.


Holocaust seems to be chaos in a human, fleshy form. His mind works like a maniac trying to make sense of everything, especially if it peaks his magical interest, but the chaos infecting his mind makes it hard for him to conduct anything normal. In a way, he distanced himself from everything around him, ignoring patterns and seeing pure, raw chaos in everything. A side-effect was that he also emotionally detached himself, even more so while focussing on his main goal of gathering power, and money to achieve power and eventually become what he really wants; pure chaos and fire. This emotional and mental detachment from everything around him makes him seem like someone who really doesn’t care for whatever happens, and in a way, they are correct. Anything not related to his goal of purity is in general not interesting at all to him. This doesn’t mean he ignores anything that is not of value, some things might have a good effect on the long run, but he wouldn’t, for example, heal a wounded man if he is sure that in the future that person had no use for his long-term goals.

Character Sheet

NameHolden CauseAlignmentChaotic (0) Evil (15)SexMale
RaceHumanAge22 (82)SizeMedium
TypeHumanoid [Chaotic]Height1.79 cmMove30
TemplateAnarchic, Half-Elemental (Fire),
Weight72 kgGodGaryx
Dexterity15+2Hit Dice7
Constitution10+0Armor Class20
Wisdom16+3Base Attack+3
Armor Class20: Base 10 +1 (Natural), +2 (Dex), +4 (Force), +3 (Deflection)
Armor Class Flatfooted18: Base 10 +1 (Natural), +4 (Force), +3 (Deflection)
Armor Class Incorporeal19: Base 10 +2 (Dex), +4 (Force), +3 (Deflection)
Armor Class Touch19: Base 10 +2 (Dex), +4 (Force), +3 (Deflection)
Initiative+2 (Dex)
ExperienceSpell Addict 5, Wizard (Evoker) 2 (7)
Skill NameAbilityPointsBonusTotal
AppraiseInt +77Alertness
Appraise (Alchemy)Int +729Bonus SpellEvocation
AutohypnosisTWis +32-Elemental MasteryFire
BalanceADex +22Heighten Spell
BluffCha +33Mother Cyst
Bluff NECha +3-6-3Scribe Scroll
ClimbAStr -1-1Skill FocusKnowledge (Arcana)
Concentration CCon +0101222Skill FocusSpellcraft
Control ShapeWis +33Spell FocusEvocation
CraftInt +77Summon Familiar
Craft (Alchemy)Int +7512Weapon ProficiencyClub
Decipher ScriptTInt +718Weapon ProficiencyCrossbow (Heavy)
DiplomacyCha +33Weapon ProficiencyCrossbow (Light)
Diplomacy NECha +3-6-3Weapon ProficiencyDagger
Disable DeviceTInt +7-Weapon ProficiencyQuarterstaff
DisguiseCha +33
Disguise NECha +3-6-3Skill FocusConcentration
Escape ArtistADex +22Spell FocusNecromancy
ForgeryInt +77
Gather InformationCha +33
Gather Information NECha +3-6-3
Handle AnimalTCha +3-
Handle AnimalT NECha +3-6-
HealWis +33
HideADex +22
IntimidateCha +33
Intimidate NECha +3-6-3
JumpAStr -1-1
Knowledge (Anatomy)Int +77
Knowledge (Arcana) CInt +710825
Knowledge (Architecture)Int +77
Knowledge (Blood Magic)Int +77
Knowledge (Demon Lore)Int +77
Knowledge (Dimension)Int +7613
Knowledge (Dungeoneering)Int +77
Knowledge (Geography)Int +77
Knowledge (History)Int +729
Knowledge (Local)Int +77
Knowledge (Mortuary Custom)Int +77
Knowledge (Nature)Int +75214
Knowledge (Necrology)Int +77
Knowledge (Nobility)Int +77
Knowledge (Planes)Int +75416
Knowledge (Psionics)Int +77
Knowledge (Religion)Int +729
Knowledge (Spirit Lore)Int +77
ListenWis +257
Move SilentlyADex +22
Open LockTDex +2-
PerformCha +347
Perform NECha +34-61
Profession TWis +3-
PsicraftTInt +7-
RideDex +22
Ritual CastingTCon +0123
SearchInt +77
Sense MotiveWis +33
Sleight of HandATDex +2-
SpellcraftT CInt +710623
SpellcraftT (Ench/Illusion)CInt +710118
SpellcraftT (Evocation)CInt +710825
SpotWis +3328
SurvivalWis +33
Survival (Above, Natural)Wis +325
Survival (Planes)Wis +347
SwimAStr -1-1
TruespeakTInt +7-
TumbleATDex +2-
Use Magic DeviceTCha +3-
Use Magic DeviceT (Scroll)Cha +32-
Use Psionic DeviceTCha +3-
Use RopeDex +22
Max Class Skill10 (5)
AC PenaltyNone
A: Armor Check Penalty
C: Class Skill
T: Trained-Only
NE: Non-Evil
Saving ThrowsLanguages
ArmorArmor ClassMax Dex.AC PenaltyArcane Failure
Magical ItemsCloak of Protection +3 (Deflection)
Gloves of Concentration: +4 on Concentration checks
Ring of Concentration: +5 on Concentration checks
EquipmentAncestral Dwarf piece
Holocausts’ Notebook – 8047
Holocausts’ Notebook – Artha Year 1
Membership pass of the clergy of Belmur
Membership pass of the Wizard’s Guild
Passport for the City
Spellbook (Council Mage. Holds; loads of spells. See notes))
Spellbook (Elven Mage. Holds; Stone to Flesh (6th), Imprisonment (9th))
ClothingBurnt pants, shirt and hooded cape
Old military helmet
Abilities+4 Fortitude Save vs Poison
Crippling Casting (Ex): If failing a Concentration check to cast a spell (see WIld Casting below), Holocaust may sacrifice hitpoints equal to the spell’s level to cast it anyway. This does not trigger a new concentration check.
Darkvision: 60 feet
Databank: All knowledge skills can be used untrained.
Elemental Focus: Add +2 DC to Holocaust’s earth and fire spells
Elemental Mastery: Add 1/2 caster level as damage to Holocaust’s fire spells
Elemental Specialization (Direct): Holocaust may memorise 1 extra Direct Earth and Direct Fire spell at each level.
Elementalist: Fire Elementalist Initiate (Second Circle); Earth Elementalist Apprentice (First Circle)
Engorged Spell (Ex): Holocaust can make a spell harder to dispel by sacrificing another spell slot. For each level the slot is higher than the spell cast, impede a -2 to the dispeller.
Fast Healing (Sq): 1
Fiendish Familiar: Scorch, see below
The Galvanar Spellmasters: Lessen I to III done
- Lesson I: +1 to Spellcraft (calculated)
- Lesson II: Extra language (added)
- Lesson III: +1 to Knowledge (Arcana) (calculated)
Minor Conjuration: Add Int mod (+7) to number of HD called with lesser planar binding, planar binding and greater planar binding, to the save DC of banishment and dismissal, to the number of rounds an elemental stays in the Material Plane with summon monster spells, and to the check to avoid damage from contact outer plane. Only works with Fire (except banishment and dismissal).
Power Casting: When Holocaust fails a concentration check, he may sacrifice a spell of the same or higher level to succesfully cast the spell.
Skills: Holocaust gains 1 extra skill points per level
Smite Law: 1/day Holocaust may add his HD to damage Lawfull creatures
Spells: Holocaust casts Cat’s Grace, Fox’s Cunning and Mage Armor every day. Hence the Force bonus in his AC.
Summon Familiar: Flame, see below
NegativesECL +3; Half-Elemental Fire +2, Spellborg +1
Elemental Specialization: Holocaust cannot cast spells with the Air or Water descriptor.
Specialist Evoker: Holocaust cannot cast spells with the schools of Enchantment and Illusion.
Wild Casting (Ex): Holocaust must make a Concentration check when casting spells. If the check fails, Holocaust does the spells’ damage to himself. See spellbook for Concentration DC’s

Familiars and Allies

Flame: .

Scorch (Fiendish Familiar): Diminutive Outsider (Evil, Extraplanar, Symbiont); HD 7; HP: 9; Init: -3; Spd: 0ft.; AC: 11 (+4 size, -3 dex), touch 11, flat-footed 11; BAB/Grapple: +7/-10; Atk: -; Full Atk: -; Space/Reach: 1ft./0ft.; SA: -; SQ: Arcane Eduction, Darkvision 60 ft., Enhance Spellcaster, Outsider Traits, Telepathy ; AL: NE; SV Fort +6, Ref +2, Will +4; Str 3, Dex 4, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 9, Cha 6, Ego 8; Skills & Feats: Concentration +4, Knowledge (Arcana) +15, Knowledge (Demon Lore) +5, Knowledge (History) +12, Knowledge (Nature) +12, Knowledge (Planes) +12, Knowledge (Religion) +12, Listen +5, Search +12. Sense Motive +3, Spellcraft +12, Spot +5; Alertness, Skill Focus (Knowledge: Arcana).
Arcane Education (ex): Adds one extra spell in addition to the two normal spells a character gains when levelling up.
Enhance Spellcaster (ex): Increase the effective spell-casting related ability score by 2 for the purpose of determining bonus spells.


Spell-Like Abilities

Spell Level0123456789-
Save DC17181920212223242526
Save DC (Evocation/Necromancy)18192021222324252627
Save DC (Earth/Fire)19202122232425262728
Save DC (Evocation/Necromancy + Earth/Fire)20212223242526272829
Caster Level7
1Burning Hands5d4 fire dmg +1/2 clRef.YesEvocFire1/day
2Flaming Sphere2d6 fire dmg +1/2 clRef.YesEvocFire1/day
Produce Flame1d6+5 fire dmg +1/2 cl-YesEvocFire1/day
4Wall of Fire2d4 fire dmg +1/2 cl-YesEvocFire1/day

Wizard Spells

Spell Level0123456789-
Bonus Spells (Int)-22221111-
Bonus Spells (Earth)1111111111
Bonus Spells (Fire)1111111111
Bonus Spells (Evocation)2222222222
Total Spells Castable81010997----
Save DC17181920212223242526
Save DC (Evocation/Necromancy)18192021222324252627
Save DC (Earth/Fire)19202122232425262728
Save DC (Evocation/Necromancy + Earth/Fire)20212223242526272829
Concentration DC12141618202224262830
Die Roll------2468
Defensive DC15161718192021222324
Die Roll--------12
Caster Level10

Cantrips: 4 general, 2 evocation, 1 earth, 1 fire

Acid Splash1d3 acid damageInst45 ft.--Conj
Arcane MarkPerm0 ft.--UnivI
Dancing Lights1 min.180 ft.--EvocEarthI
Detect Magic8 min.60 ft. cone--DivI
Disrupt Undead1d6 vs undeadInst45 ft. ray-YesNecr
FlareDazzle (-1 on att) 1 minuteInst45 ft.FortYesEvocFireII
Light80 minTouch--EvocI
Mage HandConcen45 ft.--Tran
MendingInst10 ft.WillYesTran
Message80 min180 ft.--TranI
Open / CloseInst45 ft.WillYesTran
Prestidigitation1 hourSpecSpec-Univ
Read Magic80 minPers--DivI
Resistance+1 on saves1 minTouchWillYesAbju
Touch of Fatigue8 roundsTouchFortYesNecr

1st level spells: 6 general, 1 earth, 2 evocation, 1 fire

Ancient WisdomPermTouch--Necr
Burning Hands5d4 fire dmg +1/2 clRef.YesEvocFire
Cause FearSpec45 ft.WillYesNecr
Expeditious Retreat+30 ft. move8 minPers--TransI
Faerie Fire8 min720 ft.-YesNecrFireI
Feather Fall??-??
Mage Armor??-??II
Magic Missile??-??
Magic Stone??-??EarthI
Necrotic Awarenesssee Libris Mortis--Necr
Pass Without Trace??-??Earth
Summon Monster I??-??

2nd level spells: 6 general, 1 earth, 2 evocation, 1 fire

Cat’s Gracesee Spellbook-?TranII
Detect Thoughts-?DivI
Earthen Graspsee Spellbook-YesTranEarthI
Flame Blade-??Fire
Flaming Sphere2d6 fire dmg +1/2 clRef.YesEvocFireII
Fox’s Cunningsee Spellbook-??II
Heat Metal-??FireI
Necrotic Cystsee Libris MortisFortYesNecr
Necrotic Scryingsee Libris Mortis--Necr
Produce Flame1d6+5 fire dmg +1/2 cl-YesEvocFire
Resist Energy-?Abju
See Invisibility-?DivI
Soften Earth and Stone-??Earth
Summon Monster II-??

3rd level spells: 5 general, 1 earth, 2 evocation, 1 fire

Dispel Magicsee text--AbjuI
Element Monster Isee Spell--Conj
Fireball10d6 fire dmg+ 1/2 clRef 1/2YesEvocFireIV
Flysee textFortYesTranII
Hastesee textFortYesTran
Lightning Bolt10d6 electricity dmgRef 1/2YesEvocI
Meld into Stonesee text--TranEarthI
Necrotic Bloatsee Libris MortisFort-Necr
Sepia Snake Sigilsee textRef-Conj
Summon Monster IIIsee text--Conj

4th level spells: 5 general, 1 earth, 2 evocation, 1 fire

Animate Deadsee text--Necr
Black Tentaclessee text--ConjI
Globe of Invulnerability, Lessersee text--AbjuI
Necrotic Dominationsee Libris MortisWillYesNecr
Polymorphsee text--Trans
Spike Stonessee textRefYesTranEarth
Stone Spheresee SpellbookRefYesEvocEarthII
Stoneskinsee textWillYesAbjuEarthIII
Summon Monster IVsee text--Conj
Wall of Fire2d4 +1/2 cl-YesEvocFireII

5th level spells: 3 general, 1 earth, 2 evocation, 1 fire

Flamestrike1d6 fire dmg/cl + 1/2 clRef 1/2YesEvocFireIII
Interposing Handsee text-YesEvocI
Magic Jarsee textWillYesNecrI
Necrotic Burstsee Libris MortisFort-Necr
Permanencysee text--Univ
Stone Shapesee text--TranEarth
Transmute Mud to Rocksee textTxT-TranEarthI
Transmute Rock to Mudsee textTxT-TranEarthI
Wall of Forcesee text--Evoc
Wall of Stonesee textTxT-ConjEarth

6th level spells: 0

Necrotic Eruptionsee Libris MortisFort-Necr

7th level spells: 0

Necrotic Tumorsee Libris MortisFort-Necr

8th level spells: 0

Necrotic Empowermentsee Libris Mortis--Necr

9th level spells: 0

Necrotic Terminationsee Libris MortisFort-Necr

Add Elemental Template to Flame
Add levels to Flame


Holden Cause was born in the harbor city of Spinecliff in the year 8026, where his parents were rich members of the Bleak Legionnaires. He lived a very average life, until he came into contact, during his early teens, with a chaos mage who just returned from a trip to the Abyss. Holden hung on his lips as the wizard told tales of the powerful magic he discovered and the infinite variations of chaos. Holden eventually did was his parents wanted; he joined the local wizard’s guild, but not as they intended. He refused to practice necromancy like his parents, but was drawn instead to the fiery destruction of the path of evocation.
Holden became a full-fledged invoker, but wasn’t as good as he thought himself. In the beginning espacially, his curiosity got the best of him. At one point, he blew away the mid-section of one of the towers in the guild. He would have died if his parents did not have the contacts in the priesthood of Xarian that healed him. It also cost his parents a pretty penny to restore the tower and replace some of the magical items that were lost during the explosion. Both his parents tried to make Holden do less experimenting and more reading, but Holden was to eager to try the things he learned.
In his parents’ personal library, he discovered an ancient tome filled with powerful evocation spells. He knew, they would never use it, so he stole it and left for the marshes west of Spinecliff. There he opened it, only to discover that the thing was trapped. It blew up in his face, leaving him scarred, burned and blind. He managed to crawl his way out of the marshes on sheer luck, but his parents weren’t as eager to assist him anymore. They allowed the clerics to heal his blindness, but they let the scars remain. They also ordered him to take his business elsewhere, effectively throwing him out, and forcing him to fend for himself.
Holden went west, down into the Dark Elves’ territory, armed with the knowledge that they indeed posessed powerful magic. At first he got captured, and was enslaved, sold to the highest bidder. After several months, he was discovered trying to do a spell, and when it fumbled due to a kick in the face, his mistress saw him break. She smiled, saying magic wasn’t for petty humans, and he went berserk. Jumping at her, he forced an Burning Hands spell down her throat, searing the woman from the inside until her intestins boiled.
After burning through half the household like this, he was captured again and sentenced to death. One Dark Elf though, bought him for a hefty sum. He saw potential in the dangerous recklessness, and knew their Lord was in need of troops. Fuelling the recklessness, the wizard who bought him thought him the path of the Spell Addict. Holden learned fast, growing in power, and finding the strength to control it. His master was proud, and eventually took him to the front line years later.
The old capital of Umbral was under siege by the Golden Empire, and their lord demanded a detachment of wizards to assist his general. Holden, already referring to himself as Holocaust, and his master joined the war, but they couldn’t have had worse timing. The war was about to end, for better or for worse. In the climaxing battle on that fateful day when the world changed, Holocaust died laughing.
Or at least, that’s what most people think. Holocaust did indeed laugh, but he did not die. As his master was engulfed in acid, and the very walls they stood upon turned to dust, Holocaust was blasting spell after spell at the approaching paladins. In an allout attempt to save his life, he used knowledge that he shouldn’t have used. He opened a gate to the elemental plane of fire, and forced countless amounts of primordial flame onto the assaulting legions that surrounded him. They said it was so hot, trees a mile away caught flame and burned to a cinder. Holocaust knows nothing of this, because he opened the portal wrong and fell into the Elemental Plane of Fire. There, the primordial fires merged with him, and he reappeared somewhere else. Somewhere in a cave, and quickly he discovered only a different plane entirely.
He quickly met the goblin Bubbly, who led him to an elf settlement where the elven shaman Nithril who was surprised with his arrival but grateful nonetheless. He soon learned that the elves had prayed for him to come, because their plane was falling apart. After some improvised research, Holocaust discovered that this plane has been cut off from the elemental plane of chaos, leaving it with only stagnant order.
He travelled to a human city, together with Bubbly, and arrived to find pure order in the human’s life. Everything was straight, from the houses lining the street, down to the colorcoded flowers and clipped grass. There was no strife, but Holocaust soon discovered that was simply the absence of chaos. And without chaos, there was no randomness, everything was patterned, even the male-female ratio in childbirth and the flip of a coin. Immediately, as decided before, Holocaust knew he was there to provide the world with chaos.
After endless form-filing he was given a job (as everyone was). He ended up at the local mage guild, received his passport, and started working in a steel factory, fanning furnaces. It wasn’t until he blew one up, as his fire was pure, and the fire of the plane itself lacking the chaotic passion. He was led to Deacon, a high-ranking archmage, who eventually accepted his theory, and was willing to put it to the test.

stuff happened



Set Complete


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