The Archmage Rebel


Deacon has lived almost his whole life on Suchamen and was part of the High Council there. He never doubted the truth of their ways, untill a stranger named Holocaust arrived on Artha. This man brought new knowlegde about his world which at first he could not grasp, but after doing some intensive research himself he learned that Holocaust spoke truth. This also made him realise that almost everything he thought to know about Artha’s history was a lie, and he started to cooperate with the stranger.

When the rest of the High Council found out about this, he was hunted down and imprisoned. Luckily Holocaust was able to rescue him, and he was transported to Freeport where he joined the rebel forces.

Recently, Deacon was suspected by Richard Bloodstain to be a spy for the High Council, but after Holocaust and the other elementals found him imprisoned again this suspicion was soon disregarded.


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