A little Rogue Goblin from the island Rihan.


XP: 51.500

Race: Goblin
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Sex: Male
Size: Small
Move: 30
God: The Great Goblin In The Sky
Level: 7 (Rogue 5 / Fortune’s Friend 2)

Str: 12 (1)
Dex: 21 (
Con: 12 (1)
Int: 16 (
Wis: 12 (1)
Cha: 10 (

HP: 37
HD: 7
AC: 16 (10(Base)5(Dex)1(Size))
Initiative: +5


When he was growing up, Bubbly soon discovered that his quick fingers and innocent look (yes, even Goblins can have one) would put more food on the table than his fishing skills alone. And so it came, that after a few years he was quite experienced in all things “sneaky” related, so to say. Still, little Bubbly was not the bad sort, and all of his mischief remained fairly innocent.

One day, when he was kicked out of the village again for an inappropiate remark against the Chief’s daughter, he went off to a nearby cave lake to get himself some fish. When he dropped his line, all of a sudden there was a big explosion, and a creature of fire emerged in the cave right behind him. Although courage is not one of Bubbly’s finest trades, curiosity is, so when the noise settled down he sneaked in closer for a better look.

His eyes could not believe the scene he witnessed then. A tall human, dresses in raged clothes and wearing a fearful helmet, kneeled before a gigantic flame, also human shaped. It was a fire that Bubbly never saw before, and the radiating passion that the creature emitted was felt through every nerve in his body. It looked the same as the fire he knew from his world, but he immediately understood that this fire had a profound difference. But then he felt the feeling flow away from his body, and before his eyes the flames died out and disapeared with an unworldly scream. All that remained was the man with the helmet, looking just as puzzled as Bubbly did.

Drawed in by the excitement Bubbly failed to take cover, and he was seen by the tall man. He summoned Bubbly forward and although doubtful, Bubbly shortly replied. The man was far less horrific than he looked, and asked him some questions about his whereabouts. Though a bit stern, the man naming himself Holocaust didn’t seem to pose any threat, and he soon offered Bubbly some shiny coins for food. With the promise of more shiny coins for future services, Bubbly since then has followed this strange wizard from another world.


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