Law & Liberty


From Island to Island

While perusing the library, Souraf came to Holocaust, claiming to have found information on another outsider. The woman was last seen on Savage Tooth Island, where she appearantly lived with the orcs that thrive there. Holocaust took Bubbly and Kurgan and tookt wo of the great birds to fly to Savage Tooth Island.

These he spoke to the snake-shaman of the orc tribe, who told him that there was indeed a woman there once. She died a long time ago, and none of the orcs wanted to go into her hut for fear of her magic. The group went into the hut, and found a note explaining her findings about the plane. The gods have indeed left, blaming thousands of natural disasters on them, while these were actually forged by the Elemental Princes of Evil. She also proclaimed that when the evil gods left, they cursed the plane, cutting if off from the rest of reality, slowly killing the plane.

On their way back to Freeport, the three companions started checking out the islands they hadn’t visited so far, as Gyrax said there was knowledge there. Hopping from island to island, they found one inhabited by pirates. After failed negotiations with the locals (ending in four burn marks), the three left to gather a fighting force.

Coming back a short while later they killed the pirates guarding the island, but soon discovered an entire city beneath it; a city not forced to Law. Waiting for the pirate king to arrive, the group managed to speak to him, and he invited them into his home, speaking of the woman that lived with the orcs as an old companion. They learned a lot from the library the old pirate wizard had, and started thinking of a new approach to save the plane.



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