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Loss of Freeport

Holocaust started the day by talking to Richard Bloodstain, asking if he could create a portal between the Bloodstain Cliffs and Freeport for easy communication between the two islands. He agreed to this, and Holocaust also asked him if he could teach him in the ways of magic like a normal wizard would. Richard claimed his skills were different, as he was a sorcerer. The Pirate King also claimed it would all take a while, so Holocaust went ahead and asked a few of the birds to get Deacon to the Bloodstain Cliffs. After this, he joined Amera and Souraf in browsing through the library to see if there was anything of use that might aid them in their quest to balance the plane.

After searching for a while, Holocaust find a book about a valiant knight, brimming with magic items, that eventually, at the end of his tale, died somewhere on the mainland. The next book he found was all the more interesting; a book with letters that burn and refuse to stand still. After some tests, Holocaust had the hearth filled with wood by Bubbly and sat in the burning fire, finally able to read the book. The book seemed to have been a log, one written by an ancient demon that lived on this plane. Holocaust made a mental note to find and question this demon.

In the meantime, Deacon had arrived, but Richard wasn’t all too happy about it. He claimed that Deacon might betray them, as the people from the mainland are hard to convince about the truth behind their dying plane. Holocaust decided to try an old recipe that his parents used to use. With the aid of Amera and Bubbly, Holocaust managed to create a Mother Cyst and place it in his own body. He infected Bubbly with it to see if it worked, and it did. Later, he sneakily infected Deacon to keep an eye on him. He would occasionally check up on the wizard, just to make sure he wasn’t about to betray them.

Holocaust also did some more research. If he was a portal to the Elemental Plane of Fire, there must be a way to increase that tie. After a lot more days, he managed to procure a ruby from Richard, and use it to increase the power he would rip from the Elemental Plane of Fire. Having the ruby attached to his heart was dangerous, and it took weeks for Holocaust to get back on his feat, but the operation was succesful. In the mean time, the portal was ready, improving the relations between the two rebel islands.

With his new-found power, Holocaust took Amera and Bubbly to the demon islands, stopping on several other islands on the way, and burning away a few monkeys led by a druid. One upon the island Amera explained she refused to work with a demon, and took off. They found no entry into the island, so eventually left. Back on the Bloodstain Cliffs, more information was revealed; as it was now known that two more “elemental” cores existed on the plane; a positive and a negative core, which seemed logical as to balance out the plane.

The four elementals left for the negative core first, quickly noticing that soul or ghosts were drifting out of that hole. Holocaust went down for a few seconds, and felt his life force being ripped away. They were sure this was the negative energy hole. Assuming the other wason the other side of the plane, as the elemental cores where, they travelled back to the Bloodstain Cliffs. Soon the discussion broke out about two more elementals; one for each of the new cores found. Holocaust suggested he take the negative core, while Amera, a cleric, would take the positive one, as they were the only two powerful spellcasters amongst the four elements. One of them also said they could use the demon, but Holocaust rejected this idea as a demon would die of that amount of negative energy just like any other living creature.

Holocaust took Bubbly and went back to the demon island, but this time with the demon’s logbook. Upon the island, he told the demon that he had his book. After this, the ground opened, revealing a passage underneath. That led to a throne room where the demon was sitting. After a long conversation, where the demon wished to use Holocaust as a portal to escape the plane, the evoker managed to make a deal. The demon would provide the means to control the negative core, while Holocaust would assist him in leaving the plane. The latter went back to the Bloodstained Cliffs to tell his companions the news.

Arriving back at the Cliffs, Richard came up to Holocaust claiming that he lost track of Deacon. Holocaust used his newly aquired Cyst to check on him, and Deacon was off the grid. He immediatly ordered Richard to destroy the portal between the two islands; the sorcerer countered with blaming Holocaust for putting them all in danger. Pissed off, Holocaust went to the library and asked the rest of the elementals to take as much information as possible and leave. They simply didn’t agree. Then he asked Bubbly if he wanted to come. Bubbly was sort of struck, and wanted to know what would happen to the rebellion if Holocaust would leave…

Soon after, they learned that Freeport was under attack by the mainlanders. Gathering everybody, they teleported on the pirate ship to Freeport, and discovered a mass of mainlander ships surrounding the island, blasting it with magic and invading it with soldiers. Holocaust ordered a battle formation to evacuate everybody off the island and split. Richard’s pirates would take out the enemy ships, while the elementals would assault the enemy soldiers on the island. As it was said, it was done. Kurgan led the dwarven-armored Orcs into a wedge straight through the enemy lines, with Souraf and Amera behind them for backup. Holocaust flew across the island, burning down any enemy he could find. He also noticed that on the other side of the island was another powerful ship, this one heavily enchanted, with mages bombarding the island. The fight was rather easy, and the island quickly evacuated. With the power of the water and air elementals, the ship full of pirates and refugees quickly fled the scene…



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