Artha, a plane as so many others. Yet everyone who has been on other planes will surely feel the vast difference here when they stumble upon it. Fire does not truly burn. Water is lifeless. Air is without soul, and earth has no solid power. And most disturbing of all; prayers are never answered, no matter how true the heart of the faithfull.

But there are few faithfull in this world. Those who remain are scattered across the islands surrounding the main continent. In their tongue, they call it the Sea of Survival, but the mainlanders speak disdainful of the Ocean of Chaos and have little respect for the island dwellers. For them, they are nothing but savages. Yet these savages are the only ones who truly understand the peril that their world faces. They feel it crumble beneath their feet, and they hear the cries of its core. And it cries for chaos…

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